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What Is Lootorium ?

Lootorium provides brands with a unique opportunity to showcase their products to a diverse audience of engaged shoppers. By joining our platform, brands can increase their visibility, reach new customers, and boost sales in an innovative and dynamic online marketplace.

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility

Brands reach over 675 million potential customers worldwide across multiple platforms.

  • Optimized Sales Channel

Lootorium streamlines brand sales, enhancing the shopping experience for higher conversions and increased sales.

  • Optimized Sales Channel

Interactive features create deeper brand-customer connections, driving sales and fostering loyalty.

  • Global Reach

Brands expand globally, connecting with diverse customers beyond borders.

  • Entertaining Experience

AR fitting rooms boost confidence in purchases by allowing customers to try before they buy.

  • Creation and sale of digital products

Empowering brands to create and sell their own digital products.

Road map 2024-25

Experience online shopping like never before with our immersive platform !

Q2 2024


  • Close Pre-seed fundraising
  • Market launch of our B2B 3D website experience offer
  • Development and implementation of user stories

Q3 2024


  • Official launch of the 3D shopping mall
  • 10 Active customers ( 10K MRR)

Q4 2024


  • Self onboarding
  • 25 active clients ( 25 K MRR)
  • Partner with sustainable suppliers and brands



  • Close SEED
  • Integrate eco-awareness features into our platform
  • Product Expansion incl. VR/AR compatibility
  • Expand to EU
  • 100k+ MRR

« Our mission is to transform online shopping. We create immersive experiences where customers can easily discover and purchase unique products, fostering authentic connections between brands and consumers»

Rayane Rhougaya

CEO & Co-founder , Lootorium

  • Lootorium

Experience the Future of E-commerce.

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  • Creation and deployment of your 3D experience on your website

  • Setting up servers

  • Basic technical support
  • Everything included in the Essential package

  • On-demand modifications to tailor your 3D experience

  • Priority technical support for quick issue resolution

  • Server management and regular updates included
  • Advanced performance analytics to track user engagement and conversion metrics

  • Priority assistance for custom modifications and enhancements

  • Advanced technical support with faster response times and comprehensive troubleshooting

  • Personalized training sessions to maximize the effectiveness of your 3D experience

Our team

Rayane Rhougaya

CEO & founder

Gregoire Willerval

CD & co-founder

Walid Chekkouri

CTO & co-founder

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